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How to play

For the game 'NumberBee' the player has to guess the hidden number of 5 digits.

In the two last columns 'P' and 'M' player will receive hints.

'P' means how many digits are in correct position.

'M' means how many digits are misplaced.

Users has only five tries in binary mode and fifteen tries for the other modes.

Ex: 2p, 1m equals with two digits are in correct position and one are guessed but misplaced.

The game can be played in three modes. Standard in which digits can repeat, no repeat which in this case digits are unique and finally binary where digits are just ones and zeros.

About the game

NumberBee is an easy and fun discovery number game. Even if you don't love numbers you will love this game. It is played by given a five digits number and you receive some hints. Number could be any number, digits could repeat themself or not or could be a binary number. Although there might be an optimal strategy to play, there is always some level of chance to discover the number. If you beat the game and would like to master it, try to finish with a smaller steps posible. That would mean that you finished with fewer guesses. This game is mobile compatible and you can play it on any device - iPhone, iPad, Android or any other smartphone or normal computer.